Opening times
Tuesday to Saturday 10.00-17.00  
Sunday 13.00-17.00 
Monday Closed

Adjusted openinghours holidays:
Friday 20/12 open 11am- 5pm
Saturday 21/12 open 10am-5pm
Sunday 22/12 open 1pm-5pm
Monday 23/12 closed
Tuesday 24/12 open 10am-4pm
Christmasday closed
Boxingday closed
Friday 27/12 open 10am-5pm
Saturday 28/12 open 10am-5pm
Sunday 29/12 open 1pm-5pm
Monday 30/12 closed
Tuesday 31/12 closed
Wednesday 1/1 closed
Thursday 2/1 open 10am-5pm
Friday 3/1 open 10am-5pm
Saturday 4/1 open 10am-5pm
Sunday 5/1 open 1pm-5pm

Furthermore the museum is closed on the following public holidays:
King’s Day
Easter Sunday and Easter Monday
Whit Sunday

Sunday opening times on Ascension Day and Whit Monday.