The Brielle Historical Museum offers a digital tour along 22 sights in the centre of the city and around the fortifications. The 25 locations are related to 25 objects that are on show in the museum.

The digital tour consists information, in both Dutch and English, often not yet known nor published. This information, based on original written and printed sources, is transferred through text, anecdotes, images and animations. This tour uses QR codes; available at each location. By scanning the QR code using your smartphone or tablet, you can load the page of information about the selected item onto your phone or tablet. Your device requires a QR code reader for this, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store or via Google Play. The QR codes are linked to the website of the museum.

Users of the digital tour are guided to testimonials of the cultural heritage of Brielle, undergoing the city as a total experience. Visitors are also led to shops and restaurants. The tour can be walked fully or partially and there is no fixed order. The locations of the digital tour can be seen on the map below.

2020-11-30, QR-tour HMdB jpeg 2.jpg

Download the map here.