It all started in Brielle ....
the Netherlands was born in Brielle. The Sea Beggars won their first victory over the Spaniards on 1 April 1572 with the capture of Brielle. This had a domino effect: various Dutch towns felt steeled in their battle against the Spanish oppressor. Brielle was the first taste of freedom (LIbertatis Primitiae) and Alva lost his spectacles (‘bril’ in Dutch).

You can see, hear and experience all about the Eighty Years’ War in the museum: what was the role of Johan van Oldenbarneveldt and Prince Maurits (listen to their servants), and what was the Treaty of Münster in 1648? Who was Alva and what was his Inquisition? What did ‘heretic’ mean in those days?
And how do Brielle's inhabitants celebrate April 1st every year?

This video tells you more about this special day.