12 June to 30 August 2020

Maarten Harpertszn Tromp (1598-1653) and Witte Corneliszn De With (1599-1658) were both born in Brielle. Tromp was born on Kolfslop, now called Kaatsbaan. Witte de With was born in Hoogendijk just outside Brielle’s fortifications. They both served as admirals in the navy of the Dutch Republic. Although negative aspects from the careers of Tromp and De With (violance in the colonies) are not avoided, the main narrative about Tromp and Witte de With will cover their role as supreme commander of the navy and their significance in the context of Dutch history. Paintings, prints, drawings, practical objects and medallions will be used to explore the following themes:

- Tromp and De With's childhood years.
- Fame and their relationship.
- De Battle at Duins against the Second Spanish Armada (1639).
- The First Anglo-Dutch War (29 May 1652 to 8 May 1654).
- The Battle of the Sound on 29 October 1658.
- The cannon of the flagship De Brederode and its arrival in Brielle in 1910.

An educational programme for primary and secondary education will be provided alongside the exhibition from 16 June. A booklet written by guest curator Dr. Ronald Prud’homme will also be published. Theatre company Stadsavonturen will be offering a new story trail.

Loans have so far been promised by the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Museum, National Maritime Museum, Museum Gouda, Atlas van Stolk, Rotterdam Museum, Maritime Museum Rotterdam, Teylers Museum, the Cultural Heritage Agency (Rijksdienst voor het Culturele Erfgoed), Kunsthandel Kattenburg and …. the Museum of Fine Arts Ghent (MSK).