Brielle Medical Centre (Medisch Centrum Brielle)

Healthcare exhibition
In a small exhibition at Brielle Medical Centre (Medisch Centrum Brielle) the museum is displaying a number of objects from the collection relating to healthcare through the ages.

These include a redware chamber pot from 1750-1800, a pharmacy bottle from around 1900-1925, and a number of pillboxes and medicine bottles.

A portrait from 1759 painted by G. Mol shows Miss G.J. Felix. Miss Felix was a registered nurse. On 1 August 1950 she was appointed director of the Gast-, Proveniers- en Ziekenhuis hospital which was located on Asylplein in Brielle. In this painting Miss Felix is wearing a traditional Rozenburg costume.

Address of Brielle Medical Centre (Medisch Centrum Brielle):
Amer 21
3232 HA Brielle