Brielle Cultural Centre (Cultuurhuis Brielle)

Exhibition of tile pictures and souvenir crockery
At the start of the 17th century trade with China brought a lot of Chinese porcelain to the Republic. Ships from the Dutch East India Company transported millions of bowls, jugs and dishes which were then sold on to other parts of Europe. Because the porcelain, the motifs and particularly the blue colour were so popular, Dutch pottery makers attempted to copy the Chinese motifs on wall tiles and tile pictures.

Tile pictures were used on kitchen walls and fireplaces, and later on walls in bathrooms and toilets. Tile pictures were used to show off their owner's wealth. The decoration was often more important than the functionality.

The tile pictures with the children’s games and the birds originate from the property at Nobelstraat 18; the third tile picture came from the house at Voorstraat 12.

cultuurhuis brielle 1.JPGSouvenir crockery with pictures of Voorne-Putten

Collection: Brielle Historical Museum, loaned by Historische Vereniging De Brielse Maasmond

Address of Brielle Cultural Centre (Cultuurhuis Brielle):
Reede 2A
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