Museum objective
In accordance with the De Poorten Open museum strategy plan 2017-2023, Brielle Historical Museum’s museum objective/museum task can be summarised as follows:

  1. The collection management task
    Acquiring, recording, storing, preserving and documenting the cultural heritage, being the two and three-dimensional records of
    a) the Eighty Years’ War and b) the history of Brielle and environs;
  2. The presentation task
    Researching, publishing, presenting (including in education programmes), and marketing/sharing the cultural heritage, being the records of
    a) the Eighty Years’ War and b) the history of Brielle and environs;
  3. The business task
    Providing the resources to achieve the goals specified at 1 and 2 (permanent employees and volunteers, administration, funds, accommodation, equipment, company emergency service etc.).

Brielle Historical Museum is the collective memory of the town of Brielle and the starting point for anyone who wishes to experience and discover the history and cultural heritage of Brielle and environs. The museum - located in the 17th century jail, weigh-house and town hall on Markt -presents the Eighty Years’ War through an interactive display. The focus is thereby on 1 April 1572: the day on which the Sea Beggars permanently seized Brielle from the Spaniards.
The town’s history is shown in Brielle’s treasury with fabulous portraits, an archaeological display and an annually changing small exhibition. The Maritime Heroes Room pays extensive attention to the maritime heroes that Brielle has produced: Maarten Corneliszn Tromp, Witte Corneliszn de With and Philips van Almonde.
The multifaceted nature of the bilingual ( Dutch/English) museum and it annex lighthouse De Stenen Baak makes Brielle and its environs appealing to a wide audience: local, regional, national and international.

For more information about the mission, vision and strategy, see the Brielle Historical Museum Strategy Plan 2017-2023: De Poorten Open, Beleidsplan Historisch Museum Den Briel 2017-2023 (in dutch).